my first trip to asia. I lived there for half a year and really enjoyed the culture. Also my interest in photography grew. China was more or less the starting point for my travel photography.

for me india is quite a unique place in asia. The culture and the people are completely different to other places and I had many cultural shocks. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this colourful and amazing country.

cuba...everybody wants to go there and there are many reasons why you should go there. I can higly recommend to visit this country on your own and experience a country which is kind of caught between two worlds.

it took me a while to finally visit canada. Travelling with a camper allowed me to change places spontaneously and due to many bush fires it was the perfect way of travelling.

its not only moroccos cities who make the country a must see in north africa. I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of its landscapes...so if you go there try a hike in the Atlas mountains next to marrakesh. The mountains are awesome and so are the people.

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